Filipino American League of Engineers & Architects

by: Mr. John Ramos

November 6, 2009 - BOARD of DIRECTORS’ MONTHLY MEETING: Present were Elvi, Jojo, Marisol, Nap, Suzie, Nick, Joey, Marcie, Angie, Ramon, Vergel and John. Secretary declared a quorum.  Meeting was called to order at 5:35 PM. Minutes: Read and approved. Treasurer’s Report: Marisol passed out a written report on the current status of the treasury with supplementary oral briefing and answers to questions. Committee Reports: INFO & PUBLICATION – Joey has been updating the Website to reflect current activities. Priorities include publicity for our Scholarship Program, and the HCES’ annual search for qualified individuals for the various Awards given out during Engineer’s Week in February. Although we are tasked with the selection of the “Young Engineer of the Year” again this year, there is no reason why we can’t also urge or nominate our qualified members to participate in the other categories. Check the HCES Website also. Juny, who is a member of the HCES Board is the Webmaster for the Council. MEMBERSHIP – A new member recommended by the membership committee was approved by the Board. Thanks to Ramon for bringing him in.  Unfinished Business: SCHOLARSHIP – We have received several applications with possibly more to come, for the scholarship which will be awarded during our Christmas Banquet. Eugene and his committee will have their work cut out for them. CHRISTMAS PARTY – We do need to confirm our ticket sales, and collect the money. We  should have a distinct advantage over other functions in Waikiki since we are charging a very reasonable cost at $45.00. The Emcee will be Amelia Casamina Cabatu. Suzie & Nap already has the DeeJay confirmed. Participants for the entertainment portion are being lined up. For the dance afficionados, expect lots of dancing including several solo or group performances. Our own FALEA Dancers have had a couple of rehearsals for some surprise numbers also. The next rehearsal will be this Sunday, the 15th, at APB’s shop/garage. If anyone has any special talent, let Elvi or Suzie know. Now is the time to showcase those talents. CHRISTMAS CAROLING – December is fast approaching, and we’ll continue our tradition of spreading the spirit of the season around when our equally talented FALEA Singers make their rounds to pre-set appointments during the Holidays. Rehearsals will start at Angie’s on November 27th, Friday evening after Thanksgiving Day! TYPHOON ASSISTANCE – Elvi and Marisol will coordinate sending the collected donations to the selected Agency for distribution. PASKO SA FILCOM – FALEA will be helping out  the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu during its Christmas celebration on December 13. We will be handling the “Bahay Kubo” as part of the décor for the festivities. There will be a coordination meeting on Sunday, November 15, at Filcom for the representatives of the various organizations who will be participating in the event. FALEA will have its own special committee meeting at 5:30 PM on November 18, at Elvi’s to go over the final design of and other requirements for our FilCom project. Ok folks... HAVE A GREAT TG AND HOLIDAY SEASON!!